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About Honest News

The Honest News is the future of information broadcasting. By bypassing the traditional media outlets, who can filter the truth until it's unrecognizable, we give you the most accurate story possible. Information gathered by this site is from primary sources only, including government and industry press releases, and not from the mainstream press.
Any opinions we have will be presented in the Editorial & Columns section. We do not proscribe or support any political party or religious group. The Honest News upholds God, Family, and America as its ideal for standards. By obeying God's Word, we can truly call ourselves Honest, since we must answer to a higher power. In these pages you will find nothing morally offensive to your Family or ours. We believe America is a force for good in the world, and it's elected officials oversee our welfare. Even as we will not show disrespect to ourselves, neither will we disparge those who represent us.
We hope you will enlighted and informed in the pages which follow. Look for frequent updates throughtout the week and new additions as we continue to grow.
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